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TrafficFlux provides you the most accurate targeting traffic through high quality publisher websites who generate millions of unique worldwide ad impressions. Our self service engine allows you to keep control over your bids, monitor your status, and manage your targeting all in real time. Everything on our platform was created to enhance your business in a simple and efficient way.

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How to Get started with Traffic Flux - pt. 1
How to Get started with Traffic Flux - pt. 2

Test banners by easily linking them to one or multiple campaigns. Use your own tracking by assigning a tracking URL for each banner or use our tokens and assign a Land Page for the campaign. It takes only minutes for your banner to be inserted into rotation.

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You have the control!

Keep the power on. Our self-service ad engine allows you to target highly converting users without slowing down to test your campaigns. The engine’s ease of use allows you to plug in campaigns, test them, and then keep the ones that perform the best. The click cap in our engine is one unique user per every 24 hours, allowing unique traffic to land on your ad pages. Want to target only certain times of the day? You can do that too with our day parting feature. Select a beginning and end time and your campaign will run during those times each day. Simple and effective.

Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding allows you to pay the price that works for your budget. The beauty of real time bidding is that you can test, down to the penny, the right bid for your campaign. Use our real time reports to show you how much you are spending and then adjust your bids up or down so that you get the right mix of cost and conversions.

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Determine the best time to display ads to your target users and calibrate it according to the chosen time zone in your profile. Our simple and effective day parting technology allows you to set a start and stop time each day.

Spend Limits

Set campaign spend limits. This allows you to control your daily spend for each campaign you setup in our system. Spend limits are editable in real time, so if you find that you are hitting your max each day, but want more from that campaign, adjust it up. However, if you find that you are hitting your max each day but want to allow room for another campaign, adjust it down. The chagne will take place in real time.

Reports in Real Time

You can see your real time statistics by choosing from the statistic options located in the statistics nav in your admin. Our platform allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns at the moment when it happens. There are a number of ways to view performance in our network. You can analyze the performance of a target, a banner, and a campaign to better understand the efficacy of any one particular campaign.

We optimize your ads to enhance your profits. Seeing your business grow entices us to improve our services everyday.

Multiple sizes and locations

Multiple sizes and locations

Multiple zones across our network for competitive ad placement in our programmatic self-serve advertising engine.

  • Mobile banner
  • Banner
  • Skyscraper
  • Leadboard

Unique Quality Traffic!!!

Increase the amount of high-converting traffic with our network in a real time. Get direct access to traffic through our network that you cannot get anywhere else on the net. Ask our specially trained team how you can get premium placement on sites that no other network has.

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Geo-targeting allows you to identify the user's location, giving you a better chance at presenting the proper product or service prior to them seeing your ad. This advanced knowledge leads to an increase in conversions and a better experience for the user.

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Quality leads can also be based on the user’s activity within our network. By knowing the user’s activity we can bring the right user to your ad placement.